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With millions of apps to choose from in the App Stores, you have to make sure users choose yours! That’s why App Store Optimization (ASO) has become more important than ever in helping you increase your app’s discoverability and growth.

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We help you boost your app’s installs and increase your organic visibility


Find Organic Visibility on the App Stores

With App Store Optimization (ASO) you will be able to focus your Title, Subtitle, and Long Description on the keywords your users are actually searching for. More than that, a full study on extensive keyword research and keyword families will be made in order to focus on keywords matching the search queries with more volume. After these improvements, your app will find more organic visibility on the App Stores and organic growth on your installs in your target regions.


With more than 7 years of experience in App Marketing and ASO (App Store Optimization), we have worked with clients across several categories: from Fitness, Children’s apps, Language and Education, to Gaming, E-Mobility, Bitcoin and the Reward Space, Finance, Privacy Security, VPN, Email apps and Social Networking. We have helped clients find exponential organic growth worldwide.

App Store Optimization
App Store Optimization
App Store Optimization
App Store Optimization
App Store Optimization

Benefits of Making App Store Optimization

We have seen our clients achieve worldwide exponential growth of organic installs and visibility after working with us doing systematic App Store Optimization.

After doing ASO in one language our clients have experienced results up to +1000% growth in organic installs.



Competitor’s research

A thorough analysis of your App Store presence and a review of your competitors’ presence. With extensive keyword research and competitor research, we will strategically plan a road map for ASO localizations. This ASO road map will follow our strategic insights so we can make the App Store Optimization for all the markets where your competitors are having success both in sales or installs.

Keyword Research & Keyword Families

The keyword research & keyword families extensive research and data-driven decision process allow us to bring your app to more and more app store visibility and therefore drive organic installs.

By using techniques like the ASO Tactic to enlarge the keyword space available, using the right keyword density, and making sure that we decide on the best keyword family that has the largest visibility in all the keyword combinations we are able to grow your app’s organic visibility and installs exponentially.

App Store Optimization





Visual Analysis – CR Optimization

Visual analysis to improve the Conversion Rate (CR) will be done on all the visuals in the app (icon, screenshots & app video preview) to understand what are the best conversion tactics to improve user engagement in your app. The design process will be coordinated with your in-house team or when needed our creative team will step in to deliver creative assets to the A/B test and improve the conversion rate.

This work will impact all your paid marketing efforts as well as all your ASO and organic efforts or even PR work. By improving the CR all that visibility will provide more revenue events down the funnel.

Ratings & Reviews Sentiment Analysis & Optimization

By exploring the rating and reviews we are able to understand the overall sentiment analysis of your app in all the markets. The team will work on sentiment analysis of the ratings and reviews and provide solutions and strategies that can help your app rating and overall ASO and app power.



Visibility - Boost in your app’s organic visibility

Recognition - Build brand awareness through increased visibility

Acquisition - Increase user acquisition resultsauris dignissim viverra mauris non laoreet.

Conversions - Convert visibility to installs

Downloads - More organic downloads every day


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“They did a wonderful job with our app store optimization and search ads. Downloads doubled, revenue doubled.”

Hayden Steele

Founder & Head of Growth, SHOCK: Workouts & Fitness

“Teletab helped us with performance marketing and ASO. They implemented a growth strategy using Apple Search Ads, UAC Google App Campaigns, and App Store Optimization that helped us grow our userbase +3000%”

Dina Joumaa

Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, Fayvo

"Teletab consistently delivers what we agree on, on time!"

Christian De Azevedo

Business development, digital marketing, Azevedo Studios

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