What is App Store Searches and why are they important?

The App Store search is a high-quality source of traffic and can be considered the most common method of discovering new apps. 70% of users utilize it to find new apps, and 65% of all app downloads occur immediately after a search, which shows the importance of organic traffic.

The higher the ranking of an app in the App Store search results, the more relevant it will appear to users. Reaching a top rank is vital to the success of an app since higher-ranking apps get more installs. This makes search traffic a key component in the marketing strategy of an app.

How do App Store Searches work?

The App Store search includes users who discover a certain app by searching in the App Store for a specific keyword or brand that they know will lead them to the app they are searching for.

Users do not come upon these apps while browsing, and these searches are not paid for by an ad campaign, so it is important to acquire as much of this organic traffic as possible.

There are two most distinguishable search methods utilized by users:

  • ‘Branded’ keywords – users search for an app they are familiarized with using brand terms.

Ex: Uber, Lyft

  • ‘Genre’ keywords – users search for terms related to the type of app they are looking for.

Ex: ride app, rideshare

aso app store searches

App Store Search and App Store Optimization (ASO)

When a user searches for an app with the intent to engage but does not convert to an install, that might mean that the app has a flawed page, or it is not what the user was looking for or expecting of that app. An App Store Optimization team needs to analyze these issues and understand why these users are not downloading the app, what is not performing well and what needs to be optimized.

It is possible to analyze the performance of the App Store by using the App Store Connect platform, which provides data on which traffic source a user comes from. It also includes information on App Store searches and may help you understand how users engage with your app. 

A successful App Store Optimization requires an understanding of how the App Store search engine works. Since most of all installs happen in the store’s search engines, and the search ranking position of an app correlates directly to its number of downloads, it is crucial to learn how to fully utilize the App Store search for your ASO.

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