Why App Store Searches make or break your Installs

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What is App Store Searches and why are they important?

An ASO Agency or App Marketing Agency can help with your ASO campaign and the most crucial parts of the app marketing. Through a wide variety of services, an App Marketing Agency increases the organic growth of your app and ensures that your App Store presence is high.

You may seek help from an App Marketing Agency for several reasons, may it be not having the time, toolset, or expertise to meet or support your marketing efforts and needs. An ASO Agency has years of experience working with various apps, which results in a deeper understanding of the marketing tactics and strategies. They optimize your app’s titles, subtitles, descriptions, and keywords by conducting extensive research, competitor analysis, among other things.

When all of this is done, the ASO Consultant Agency’s goal is to increase your app’s conversion rates and visibility, minimize media expenses, boost organic downloads and decrease its CPI (Cost per Install).

What are the benefits of working with an ASO agency?

  • Provides results more quickly
  • Saves time
  • Lowers your app’s advertising costs
  • Boosts app downloads
  • Doesn’t make rookie mistakes as an
  • inexperienced marketer probably would
  • Uses specific tools which may be too difficult
  • for clients to learn
  • Generates a better ROI from budget resources

How can Teletab help you?

Teletab is an App Marketing Agency with 7+ years of experience in the app market that has worked with clients worldwide, whose main goal is to ensure your app’s growth and success.

At Teletab we provide assistance with App Store Optimization, Performance Marketing, and Growth Consulting.

ASO – App Store Optimization

An effective App Store Optimization is a crucial factor in your app’s success. Our team will conduct competitor’s and keyword research, keyword family list, keyword selection, ASO hacks, among other things, to increase your app’s organic visibility in its targeted regions.

Performance Marketing

The team offers three key services in Performance Marketing: Apple Search Ads, Google App Campaigns, and Paid Social (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads). Our goal is to help your app achieve growth while optimizing the CPI and focusing on revenue KPI to grow your ROI.

Growth Consulting

Our data science team and marketing specialists will define strategies and solutions to ensure your success and app growth.

Our Growth Consulting team will start by making a growth audit, followed by a detailed competitor analysis, and will finally define a new growth strategy that will connect your app to the right audience.

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What’s next?

  •  Schedule a meeting
  •  Create strategies
  •  Start growing your app

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