Increase your Retention

App Store Optimization

Increase your Retention

App Store Optimization

Retention Audit

Over a 4 weeks period, our team of strategists and data scientists conducts a review of your app and data analytics. We’ll find the bottlenecks and CHURN, identify why this is happening and come up with a plan of opportunities to improve your engagement and retention. Some of our solutions could be linked to activation/onboarding, engagement strategies, subscription optimization, and retention strategies.

Marketing & Analytics Deep Dive

Over a 3 month period the Teletab team will dive into the data analysis and all the metrics that matter in terms of KPI’s for retention and revenue so we can optimize all of the marketing efforts for revenue events down the funnel. Marketing and Analytics walk hand in hand. In order to have winning campaigns on push and pull channels we need informed analytics in order to be able to measure results and optimize towards revenue. Our team is ready to help!


Push Notifications & In-App Messages

Using push notifications and in-app messaging can be key to keeping the user and increasing stickiness and LTV.

Using our templates for push notifications you will be able to use high level communication in your games or apps push notifications and increase engagement and retention


Thank you SO much for all of your hard work over the past 8/9 months. I knew how much I’d learn from you and how your expertise was going to be exactly what we needed. And it was! From being just you and I working on all of this, to now a fully-staffed team, you’ve helped us build the ASO foundations for all of Uber’s apps. You’ve helped set us up in a great place. Thank you again. And I mean when I say it; I genuinely hope we get to work together again one day.

Rachael Minster

Head of Grow Marketing, Uber

The whole team was fundamental to Flora’s ASO strategy. They helped us grow from 50,000 downloads to over 200,000 and ensured that we understood and learned from the strategies and changes they implemented. They were part of our core team and their attention to detail, punctuality and depth of research were a rare combination – one that we were grateful to experience. I highly recommend them to any client looking to expand their acquisition strategy with ASO!

Aabesh De

Founder, Florasense

"Did I mention you are awesome? YOU ARE AWESOME and a ROCKSTAR! When I first started at Uber, I was amazed by the amount of work you had done within such a short amount of time. It’s amazing to work with professionals like you who speak the same ASO language and I love all of our brainstorming and discussion sessions where we just sat down and fought fires to solve problems.

Tina Chang

Senior App Store Optimization Manager, Uber

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