Careers at Teletab

We want to be one of the top destinations for talent in the mobile growth industry.

We believe in offering meaningful, practical experience to enhance your CV and help you build your own personal brand. Think of us as your mobile growth Bootcamp. We want to empower our employees to develop fantastic careers within the industry. You will gain expert knowledge by working with category-leading clients, all under the guidance of our pros.

Teletab HQ comprises people from 30 countries who bring exciting and varied experiences! The cultural values we appreciate as a team are paramount to shaping our success. An employee at Teletab is:

  • A team player
  • A knowledge sharer
  • Communicative
  • Curious
  • Engaged
  • Driven

            People are our No. 1 asset. We always put people first.

            We Celebrate wins.

            We believe in celebrating team and individual accomplishments; these could be in the form of impact gained for the client, or a lesson learned that improves our playbook. After a day of brainstorming innovative mobile strategies, what could be better than cracking open a beer from the office fridge? Our industrial-designed, open-plan office is situated in one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Berlin with dozens of hip cafes and bars a short walk away. We believe work-life balance is essential and like to organize regular team events to wind down. After working on our quarterly OKRs, we arrange larger team events, such as dinners and boat parties. We have a company offsite once a year too. This is usually a time to work on side projects, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

            People are our No. 1 asset. We always put people first.

            • We believe in fostering the proactive involvement of all the people critical to our success – employees, clients, industry partners, and friends as well as our knowledge-sharing communities.
            • We embrace laughter, humor, and having fun at work while working toward a common goal.
            • We aim to create sustainable, long-term profitability and returns by valuing our people, wowing our customers and attracting the best talent, and forging powerful industry partnerships.
            • We’re less concerned about getting credit for our individual ideas and accomplishments than reaching our goals as a team.
            • We value and respect every client and put the client’s needs before our own
            • We celebrate wins and learn from our mistakes.
            • We spearhead innovation in the mobile growth space and aim to provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients.
            • We enjoy the process of solving problems and creating solutions for ourselves and our clients.
            • We foster creativity in our employees; we value fresh ideas and challenges to existing thinking.
            • We have a dynamic culture of experimentation which includes regularly trying out bold new ideas.
            • Continuous innovation will attract great clients and great talent.
            • Knowledge sharing is at the core of everything we do, both internally and with our clients and the broader industry.
            • We share much of our work, approaches, and thoughts around growth topics: this is our contribution toward advancing Mobile Growth as a practice.
            • We seek to learn from everyone in the space, including industry peers and those offering similar services, to advance our knowledge and learn from other experts.
            • We embrace opportunities for collaboration and keenly share new ideas, approaches, and opportunities.
            • We build systematic, innovative solutions to enable the efficient implementation of growth solutions for clients.
            • Our processes can be adapted, extended, or repeated for clients with adjacent growth challenges to the ones we’ve already solved.
            • We build systems and frameworks for growth.
            • We take a structured approach which ensures that our growth activities are also reaching business objectives.
            • We empower our clients to do great work and drive impact in their organizations.
            • We take an open and transparent approach with all of our clients.
            • We transfer knowledge around solutions, processes, and tooling around our services into our client teams, through meetings, workshops, and playbooks, to enable them to continue our growth efforts and be successful after our engagement.
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