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Uber Eats


Uber Eats, a leading food delivery platform, enlisted Teletab’s expertise with a multi-faceted objective in mind:

  • Enhance their ASO strategies to bolster their app’s discoverability and visibility;
  • Elevate their conversion rates stemming from meticulously crafted screenshots;
  • Tailor their ASO endeavors to resonate effectively with local audiences, particularly in pivotal markets such as the US, Mexico, and Japan;
  • Facilitate the establishment of a robust ASO internal team, laying the groundwork for sustained success in optimizing app performance and user engagement.


App store optimization

Overhauling the metadata, titles, subtitles, and descriptions across a vast array of languages, totaling more than 50, to optimize their presentation and visibility on both iOS and Android platforms.

By meticulously refining the metadata, crafting compelling titles and subtitles, and crafting captivating descriptions, we enhanced the discoverability and appeal of Uber Eats across multiple regions, ultimately maximizing their impact and reach.


Additionally, we collaborated closely with the design team to enhance the app’s performance through refining its screenshots and icons. Employing an iterative approach, we conducted A/B testing on these visual elements to ascertain the most effective iterations for driving user engagement and conversion rates.

Our research revealed nuanced preferences across different markets. For instance, in Japan, we identified the significance of social proof within the screenshots as pivotal for conversion. Conversely, in the US and Canada, our focus shifted towards showcasing delectable culinary offerings. Leveraging data from Uber Eats on the most popular dishes, we strategically integrated appetizing food imagery into the screenshots. This approach was carefully calibrated to evoke a strong emotional response from prospective users, thereby fostering a deeper connection with the app’s offerings.


Another significant contribution from Teletab was the redesign of the app’s icon. Through thorough market research within the food delivery industry, we identified a critical insight: black wasn’t resonating as an appealing color choice for logos. We proposed a strategic shift to a green hue for Uber Eats’ logo, aiming to enhance its visual allure and attractiveness to potential customers.

Uber eats ASO App Store Optimization


Thanks to Teletab’s collaboration with Uber Eats, the app experienced remarkable improvements in visibility metrics across key markets. Specifically, there was a notable 30% surge in visibility within Japan and a substantial 19% increase in the United States.

Furthermore, our efforts yielded tangible enhancements in conversion rates, particularly attributable to the strategic optimization of screenshots across multiple regions.

Additionally, our meticulous approach resulted in a significant augmentation of relevant top 10 keywords for Uber Eats, especially in Mexico and across several European countries. This strategic keyword expansion further solidified Uber Eats’ presence and relevance in diverse global markets.



increase in visibility in Japan


increase in visibility in the United States

“Thank you SO much for all of your hard work over the past 8/9 months. I knew how much I’d learn from you and how your expertise was going to be exactly what we needed. And it was! From being just you and I working on all of this, to now a fully-staffed team, you’ve helped us build the ASO foundations for all of Uber’s apps. You’ve helped set us up in a great place. Thank you again. And I mean when I say it; I genuinely hope we get to work together again one day.

Rachael Minster

Head of Grow Marketing, Uber

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